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Hey Gorgeous,

I'm Kathleen

Specializing in bridal hair, precision cutting & blending greys

Kathleen is a great listener, and so enjoys hearing about your latest crafting project or your favorite home made recipe that you have created using ingredients from your vegetable garden.


" My favourite part of being a hair stylist is the opportunity to make my clients learn to love their hair. Hair doesn't have to feel like a can be fun!

If you sit in my chair, plan to find a new-found passion for styling your hair even if your mornings sometimes feel like sheer chaos. I make gorgeous hair easy and achievable"

I never thought of becoming a hair  stylist.... REALLY! Until I was offered my first summer job when I was a young age. I fell in love with the energy in the salon. I knew that I wanted to have powerful, fun connections with women day after day and I've spent the last 30+ years making that dream a reality.

I am fueled by my love of freshly brewed  coffee in the morning. Cup in hand I'll walk  out to the garden  to say good morning to my two wee hens. When I'm not in the salon, I'm trying  out yoga classes or tending to my veggie patch. I love cooking up a storm when all the family come round for a gathering.

Going grey myself I understand what it takes to create dimensional, radiant locks, whether you're looking for complete coverage or to softly blend in the grey. While I love balayage and I am a self professed highlighting master,  Precision cutting is my sweet spot and I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your locks to the next level.

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