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Services & Pricing

I am proud to offer many custom service combinations & options. This is just a small sample of what I offer in salon. These services & prices are for existing clients. If you're a new guest, be sure you check out the new guest booking page for more details.

Cuts & Styling

Cutting hair is my true passion. Taking in mind of your hair texture, head shape and your styling routine to create a style that is unique to you.

  Wash Cut + Blowdry   

  Wash Cut + Curls or Flat Iron  

  Wash Cut + Moisture Mask   






I use only Organic & Vegan Friendly cleansing, conditioning & styling products from O-Way 

Short, Long Have It All!

Colour Services

Female Portrait

  Root Touch Up

  Root Touch Up Cut + Blowdry

  Toner Refresh

  Colour Correction  






Roots, Glazes, Colour Corrections

I believe that colour has to be completely customized based on each guests skin tone, natural colour, maintenance level and lifestyle choices.

All colour services begin with a consultation and custom formula.

Blonding Services


  Mini Highlight

  Half Head Highlights  

  Full Highlights

  Full Head Blonding

  Light & Bright Cleansing Treatment 







Blonde Me!

Cool, warm,golden, caramel. What type of Blonde

are you. Let's Unleash your inner Blondie.

Blending the Grey

Mature Woman

  Mini High/Lowlights

  Half Head High/Lowlights  

  Full High/Lowlights

  Nourishing Glossing Treatment






Those Grey's! Shall We Hide Enhance or Embrace?

All colour services begin with a consultation and custom formula, that will  blend and enhance you beautifully.

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